Wednesday, August 5, 2009

StockDemo and GigaSpaces Petclinic for XAP 7.0 Now Available

If you’ve been following our webinars and demos in the last year or so, in many of them we’ve used two applications to demonstrate the product. The first one is the stock demo, which is an AJAX enabled Spring MVC web application that communicates with the Space and displays real time stock quotes. The second one is the good old Spring PetClinic application with the data access layer accessing GigaSpaces instead of a relational database, and persisting asynchronously to a MySql database (via Hibernate).

I’ve been planning for quite some time now to port both application to XAP 7.0 due to the packaging and deployment improvements of this version.

I finally found the time to do this after finalizing the 7.0 release. You may now find the up to date version of both applications on our forge site,

Note that both applications are also available as one-click demos on our cloud framework. The 7.0 compatible-version will soon be made available on this framework as well.