Sunday, February 10, 2008

New OpenSpaces Demos and Examples Project

One of the goals of is to promote best practices and recommended usage patterns among the GigaSpaces developer community.
To that end, we have decided to dedicate some of our own resources to create a number of sample applications and blueprints that will help realize this goal.
We have created a dedicated project under named OpenSpaces Demos and Examples. This project will host these applications and provide a one stop shop for developers wishing to get some ideas on how to use GigaSpaces and OpenSpaces in various scenarios.
We also encourage developers to donate their own ideas and sample applications to this project by joining it and becoming active committers.
The first two applications we posted (actually one of them is already there and the other will be in the next few days) are demonstrating integration of GigaSpaces with Spring MVC based web applications.
The first one is a simple HelloWorld web application and the second is a more complex application that shows how to integrate a GigaSpaces based stock feed application with an AJAX based web client. The web client is based on the excellent open source ExtJS JavaScript library.
You're encouraged to download it and give it a shot.

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