Sunday, May 24, 2009

Building GigaSpaces Apps in Minutes with Giga Systems Builder

If you're into MDA, there are some great news for you. One of our partners, New Technology/enterprise (NT/e) has created a very impressive tool to build and deploy end-to-end GigaSpaces applications in minutes. The tool is called GigaSystemsBuilder (GSB).
GSB is an Eclipse plugin which makes it quick and easy for Java developers to model, code and deploy GigaSpaces applications.
Since it's based on well known and battle-proven patterns on top of the GigaSpaces XAP platform, it reduces learning time and on-going development effort, and also increases the likelihood of successful projects.
It covers the entire application life cycle, and enables you to model, code, build, run and even deploy the application on the cloud (using our cloud framework) in a few clicks from within your IDE.
The tool is free for development and deployment, and comes with optional paid support package from NT/e.
A good place to start exploring this tool is this 10-minute screen cast.


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