Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scalable SOA with Mule & GigaSpaces

If you missed the joint Webinar Ken Yagen of MuleSource and I did last week, you can find the recorded version here. The demo application shown during the webinar can be downloaded here.
The demo application requires the following to be installed on your machine: Please note that the Mule/GigaSpaces integration is also available in the latest GigaSpaces GA release (6.6.x), but XAP 6.6.x only supports the Mule 2.0 branch and not 2.1.
The documentation for the integration can be found here (6.6.3) and here (7.0 EA).
If you have any question please drop me a note here or use our online forums.

I would like to take the opportunity and thank Ken and the rest of the team at MuleSource for hosting this webinar and giving us the chance to present the joint solution to the community.


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